Switch off from the stresses of daily life with Zoe Live Bar.

Web design & Web development made by 8 Ways Media SA!

We teamed up with Geneva-based club and bar, Zoe Live Bar, to develop an engaging, contemporary web design. Our goal throughout the web development process was to create a site that successfully reflects the branding, culture and lifestyle of this modern bar and club. This interactive website features short video clips, compelling images and a modern parallax design. The parallax design provides details about the bar, upcoming events, programmes and much more.

Whether you visit the site from a smartphone, tablet or laptop, the experience remains the same: fluid, engaging and appealing. The entire web browsing experience engages the senses from start to finish, generating a desire in the visitor to visit Zoe Bar. Furthermore, the team at 8 Ways Media focused on the search engine optimisation of the site to ensure it is easy to find in search engines.

Final result.

This is a web design that strategically uses colour and imagery to provide a strong insight into the atmosphere and ambience of Zoe Bar. Artistically and creatively executed, it offers an enjoyable and laid-back web-browsing experience that compels audiences to take action. Take a look for yourself by clicking the link below!


Mobile view design for ZOE

Project team.

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