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Web design & Web development made by 8 Ways Media SA!

We collaborated with luxury hospitality group, Michel Reybier, to create an outstanding landing page designed to bring together all Michel Reybier activity. The team at Michel Reybier approached 8 Ways Media with a desire for a leading web design that perfectly encapsulated the Michel Reybier brand. It also needed to follow all Google rules for optimal search engine optimisation.

This custom design opens with a compelling quote followed by the specific services on offer, including some of the many hotels available under the Michel Reybier brand. During the web development process of this website we worked closely with the Michel Reybier team to ensure we delivered a landing page that fulfilled their exact wishes. The end result is a simple, elegant and beautiful design that perfectly represents the Michel Reybier brand.

Final result.

This landing page is designed to ignite enthusiasm in the visitor and encourage them to delve deeper into the world of Michel Reybier. Working with the team at Michel Reybier was such an honour and we are extremely proud to have delivered such a high-quality web design that our clients were completely satisfied with. Take a look for yourself to see the results in action.


Michel Reybier Mobile and Responsive view by 8 Ways Media SA

Project team.

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