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La Réserve Paris. by 8 Ways Media

Web design & Web development made by 8 Ways Media SA!

We collaborated with the team at La Réserve Paris to develop a truly stunning web design that perfectly epitomised the attraction and desirability of this leading 5 star hotel and spa. Our experienced web designers combined striking images with strategic use of font and colour to create an intuitive, engaging and completely responsive website, whether you are visiting from a laptop, iPad or smartphone. The site is also fully responsive and thanks to complete search engine optimisation, extremely easy to locate online.

During the web development process our goal was to ensure that the end result of this website suitably reflected the values and branding of this renowned hotel and spa. We also implemented complete search engine optimisation to ensure the site ranks highly in Google and other search engines. The end result is a site that offers visitors a seamless and enjoyable web browsing experience that perfectly embodies the attraction and desirability of this leading 5 star hotel and spa.

Final result.

This web design offers a unique web browsing experience that is fluid, user-friendly and beautifully presented. Above all else, the site ignites a desire in the user to book a stay at this exclusive establishment. Take a look to see the results for yourself.


La Réserve Paris by 8 Ways Media

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