Inspiring audiences to better understand their investment solutions Weisshorn.

Web design & Web development made by 8 Ways Media SA!

8 Ways Media collaborated with Swiss-based investment and real estate management firm, Weisshorn, to create a straightforward and easy to use web design for its visitors. The site is strategic in its use of colour, images, font and spacing, to appropriately represent the available professional services and provide the right information to visitors. It is also simple in nature to maintain user interest and easily direct them to their desired information.

During the web development process of this website, our flexible and passionate team focused on the overall digital design and content development of the site. Their focus was to ensure that the end result was aesthetically appealing and perfectly branded to guarantee ultimate user satisfaction. They then focused on the search engine optimisation aspects of the site to give it the greatest ranking possible in search engine results.

Final result.

The final result of this web design is a fully optimised, effective design that delivers the right information to site visitors in a user-friendly and approachable way. Whether you wish to discover more about their investment policy, their private management services or their available real estate projects, you can do so with ease and at the click of a button.

Mobile view design for Weisshorn

Project team.

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