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Toutes Des Championnes.

Web design & Web development made by 8 Ways Media SA!

After being approached by Lou Lefebvre, a sports coach, fitness teacher and founder of Toutes Des Champions, we worked together to create a web design and web development that would perfectly encapsulate all of her available fitness services. The site captivates audiences from the moment it is opened with its stunning use of video and music that perfectly capture the fitness services available and compels people to take action.

Despite the simplicity of this web design, it has a huge impact on audiences from the moment it is opened, whether it is viewed from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC. After viewing the video, audiences are then encouraged to browse through the three simple pages. the Bio, Blog and Contact page. There are also links to her social media accounts. Nothing about this site is pretentious or unnecessary. Viewers are provided with all the information they need, which then spurs them to take further action.

Final result.

We created this brand new website for Toutes Des Championnes that is clean and well presented with plenty of white space. Everything is appropriately positioned, ensuring a simple and uncluttered design that’s simple to navigate through. Take a look for yourself to see the power of simplicity in action.


Mobile view design for Toutes des Championnes

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