An outstanding web design from 8 Ways Media for an outstanding international firm RJ Management.

Web design & Web development made by 8 Ways Media SA!

We developed this superb website for Swiss-based wealth management company, RJ Management. Our services included web development, responsive web design, UX and full search engine optimisation, ensuring the site is completely optimised for both human and search engine recognition. The completed design is a website that is clean and easy to navigate through whilst appropriately demonstrating RJ Management’s professional expertise and services.

The RJ Management web design concentrates on plenty of white spacing throughout. This enhances the overall user experience and ensures that all content is easy to access and digest. Whether you want to obtain the company’s latest news or read their mandates, it is easy to do so as the entire design is beautifully laid out, simple and uncluttered. It is also completely responsive, working seamlessly across all devices.

Final result.

Our team of experts worked meticulously to create this accurately branded site design. The end result not only successfully demonstrates the level of expertise possessed by RJ Management but also reveals the creativity, passion and expertise that the 8 Ways Media team possesses when it comes to creating fully responsive, search engine-optimised and customised websites.

Mobile view design for RJ Management

Project team.

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