Have fun with this interactive web design for the Kids Voice Tour | Coop.

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Web design & Web development made by 8 Ways Media SA!

Our creative web development team of designed this engaging website for children’s song contest talent show, Kids Voice. We focused on the latest trends and designs to create a web design that would produce the right results for the right audience – which is primarily children. This is a fully customised design complete with search engine optimisation for enhanced, competitive visibility in search engines. It also offers a completely flexible viewing experience, no matter which device it is viewed from.

The colour purple is used throughout the site to introduce new pages, which has been proven to bring vibrancy and style to any web design. This is the perfect choice for a site primarily geared towards children and definitely generates the right results!

Final result.

The Kids Voice team was extremely satisfied with this bright, eye-catching website designed to keep children interested for longer. The final result is a well-designed, fun and easy-to-navigate-through design. Check it out for yourself to see the results in action!


Mobile view design for Kids Voice

Project team.

Meet our enthusiastic team, who made this amazing project come true.

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