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JNC Avocats.

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8 Ways Media has created a professional web design for leading Swiss-based law firm, JNC Avocats. This leading law firm approached 8 Ways Media in need of a specialised website that successfully demonstrates all of the services available from the firm. One notable factor of the site is the simplicity of its design, making it incredibly easy to use. The overall design demonstrates the business as being professional, approachable and reliable, which is ideal for a business of this nature.

The team at 8 Ways Media worked closely with JNC Avocats throughout the web development process to create a flexible, professional web design that was aesthetically appealing and appropriately branded. This site is also complete with search engine optimisation for ultimate search engine visibility. The end result presents JNC Avocats as a specialised, knowledgeable firm and the team was extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Final result.

We created a fresh new site for JNC Avocats that is clean and well presented with plenty of white space. Everything is appropriately positioned, ensuring a simple and uncluttered design that’s easy to navigate through. We created a platform that makes it easy for JNC Avocat’s current and potential clients to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Mobile view design for JNC Avocats

Project team.

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