A modern, informative web design forForever Beauty. from the team at 8 Ways!

Web design & Web development made by 8 Ways Media SA!

We collaborated with Geneva-based laser hair removal and skincare specialists, Forever Beauty, to develop a modern web design that would successfully promote the company whilst increasing awareness of their services. We first determined the philosophy and values of the Forever Institut brand before developing a customised, responsive and professional website complete with eye-catching colour contrast, easy-to-access information and rich images.

Throughout the web development stages we worked closely with Forever Beauty to ensure that all elements of the website were completely to their standards. There is a strategic use of colour to maintain audience attention and draw their awareness to the most important information. The site is also fully search engine optimised so that current and potential clients can easily locate the website and find what they are looking for.

Final result.

Overall, this is a fascinating, informative web-browsing experience demonstrating to audiences that Forever Beauty offers knowledgeable and professional services in a safe and caring environment. We are really proud to have delivered this high-quality, modern website that our clients were entirely satisfied with. Click the link below to visit the site for yourself and see it in action!


Forever Mobile Responsive Website.

Project team.

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