Fast - track your way to fitness with this web design from 8 Ways Media Bosbikes Cycling Geneva.

Web design & Web development made by 8 Ways Media SA!

We partnered with Swiss-based bike and accessory web shop, Bos Bikes, to deliver a fully customised, compelling web design that successfully showcases Bos Bikes’ product offering and attracts as many customers to the website as possible. During the web development stages we worked closely with Bos Bikes to create the ultimate website that followed all Google rules for optimal search engine optimisation. In addition to this, we focused on creating a website that was visually appealing, informative and interesting to browse through.

To successfully create this site we first determined the values and philosophy of the Bos Bikes brand before developing a responsive, fully customised website complete with attention-grabbing visuals and easily accessible information. The end result is a fun, instructive web browsing experience that visitors are happy to surf through before taking action. It was a pleasure to work with Bos Bikes throughout the development of this project and create this high-quality design that clearly delivers information in a visually engaging manner.

Final result.

We are really proud to have delivered such a high-quality web design that our clients were completely satisfied with. Check out the site for yourself by clicking the below link – we’re certain you’ll be impressed.

Mobile view design for Bosbikes

Project team.

Meet our enthusiastic team, who made this amazing project come true.

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