The Definitive Checklist for Every New E-Commerce Website: Part 1

Find out EVERYTHING your new e-commerce website needs in order to be a success in part 1 of our series, right here.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-11-09 11:52:00

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When you first set up your e-commerce website you will realise that there are plenty of items that need to be checked, cross-checked and tested in order to ensure that once your site goes live, your customers will have a positive digital experience.

Want to be sure your e-commerce site is totally ready? Then walk yourself through this handy checklist:

1. Managing what your customers see first

When someone first enters your website, they have the choice to keep browsing through or exit it in favour of a competitor. If the homepage interface and navigation are unappealing for the visitor they will immediately exit, but with the following features they will be much more likely to stay put for the buying journey:

A well-designed logo

A responsive web design that works fluidly on all devices

Links to your most popular products

Calls to action that persuade people to visit important sales pages

Plenty of links and promotional images

An easy-to-locate search field

The option to refine your search (i.e. by item)

Alternative language options (if applicable)

A link to your contact details

A store finder (if applicable)

Links to seasonally-relevant content (i.e. if Christmas is coming, link to Christmas-themed content)

Your latest news

Your latest arrivals

Any special offers or promotions currently available

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2. Monitoring the overall look and feel of your website

Every e-commerce website needs regular updating and moderation to ensure it is running smoothly and efficiently, otherwise, you run the risk of losing customers before they’ve completed their purchase. Below is a list of items that should be included on your website, which should also be checked for functionality on a regular basis:

Security certificates

A search bar

Categories and filtering options

An email sign-up form

A login box

Social sharing buttons

A shopping cart at the top

A clear checkout button

Links to your privacy policy and legal information

Links to return and exchange policies

A link to your contact page

A link to your FAQ page

A link to your career page

Information detailing the payment systems you use and security measures you implement

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