Two Factors that Influence the Success of your Brand Logo

The two most important attributes of any successful logo design are shape and colour. Here we bring you our top tips on how to design a compelling logo.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-07-04 07:38:00

Your logo needs to command your customers’ attention from the moment it’s seen, resonating with them and evoking certain emotions in them.

The two most important attributes of any successful logo design are shape and colour, and as a business you first need to establish the key attributes of your products or services before devising your logo.

The Influence of Shape

Without a second’s thought, you can probably think of the logos of the world’s most iconic brands, such as Nike, McDonald’s or Adidas. These logos, whilst being plastered everywhere we turn, have used clever and consistent marketing to remain memorable to us, even without the name of the brand written beneath the logo.

The shape of a logo can be incredibly influential. Nike and Apple logos for instance are extremely successful due to the fact that they are easy on the eye featuring simple, memorable shapes.

The shape of a logo has the power to reflect a brand’s messaging. Whether you want to convey strength, happiness, friendliness, inclusiveness or consistency, you can easily do so with the creation of a carefully crafted brand logo.

Considering Colour

Colour is probably the most powerful feature of a logo design that causes an immediate reaction in audiences. For this reason you need to think long and hard about your choice of logo colour, researching the psychology of colour in logo design before making your ultimate decision.

At 8 Ways Media, we chose the colour pink for our rebranded logo design, as pink represents compassion, understanding, action and success – a choice of colour that perfectly represents who are as a brand.

Experiment with different colour options before making your ultimate decision, establishing which colours you feel most comfortable surrounded by in your everyday life and the colours that dominate your day to day life (for instance in the form of clothing colour choices and so on). What do these colours say about you? How do they make you feel?

Your logo colour choice makes a huge impression on audiences almost immediately, so knowing which colour/colours to use in your logo is an incredibly important decision. Take the time to really research the ins and outs of colour in logo design before making your eventual decision. Better still, turn to a professional digital agency to make that decision for you, as their knowledge and expertise of branding and web design will ensure your ultimate logo colour – and shape – are truly representative of your brand.

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