5 Colours that have the Power to Increase Sales

Marketers have long been aware of the power of colour within any marketing campaign. Here are some examples of colour &how they can increase sales.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-07-04 08:06:00

Marketers and graphic designers have long been aware of the power of colour within any marketing campaign. Colour has the power to invoke emotion in its audience and for this reason, many brands are smart enough to incorporate specific colours into their marketing strategy to boost brand relevance and spur sales.

Let’s take a look at some examples of colour and discuss their ability to increase sales:

1. Red

Red is an extremely powerful colour that captures your attention from the moment you lay your eyes on it. Red is largely associated with excitement, passion, energy, strength and action. It draws attention to itself and calls for action to be taken, and is therefore a highly popular colour in the world of marketing. 

However when using red be sure to avoid overdoing it as although this colour has positive connotations, including motivation, stimulation and determination, when heavily used it can also be associated with ruthlessness, fearlessness and rebelliousness. For this reason, you may wish to consider using red as an accent colour instead of a dominant colour.

2. Silver

Silver is a sophisticated colour that also has a degree of mystery about it. It represents patience, perseverance, dignity, reflection, organisation and responsibility – perfect qualities for any business. Silver is a great choice of colour for many industries, from tech companies and science corporations to fashion and beauty brands. 

3. Blue

If you want your brand to come across as trustworthy and dependable, then blue is the colour of choice. Since blue is the most universally favoured colour, this is your safest bet in business and using it will contribute towards strong customer loyalty. Blue is also calming and inspiring whilst adding strength and unity, and therefore works well in the corporate world. This colour is often seen in the financial sector and within insurance companies, where trust and reliability are fundamental.

4. Pink

If you’re after the attention of a young, female demographic then pink is your colour! Pink is fun, carefree, compassionate, nurturing and extremely feminine. This is a non-threatening colour that countless feminine businesses have opted for thanks to its calming, youthful, warm and comforting connotations. Countless fashion and beauty brands have opted for pink within their campaigns and branding, from brighter versions of the colour to dustier, more rustic options. Pink can also be combined with dark colours to give it a more sophisticated edge.

5. Yellow

Yellow is a powerful colour that has the power to create a sense of danger, so use it wisely within your marketing. If you want to command your audience’s attention and demonstrate to them that you are confident in your abilities, blend yellow into your next marketing campaign to show them that your brand is original, analytical, confident and strong.

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