The Psychology of Colour in your Web Design

Has your web design used strategic use of colour? Read more to learn about how colour use on your website can positively affect your conversions.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2014-08-22 08:26:00

The web design process is an intricate one. Thankfully, today’s technological advancements and a deeper awareness of the power of psychology enable businesses to create the most astounding and beautiful websites that trigger positive emotions in viewers.

Colour influences our attitudes and emotions dramatically without us even realising it. Certain colours communicate certain messages to the brain, triggering moods, emotions and therefore behaviours. For this reason, it is essential that you select the right colours for your web design that will trigger the right response in your viewers.

Colour Influence and Web Design

During the web design process you should carefully select which colours you use across your site. This relates to your general colour scheme as well as colours used in your logo, borders, backgrounds, menu bar, buttons and pop ups.

The colours that you use depend significantly on the type of business you operate. For example if you are an investment bank then it would be wise to steer clear of bright yellows, blues and greens as these colours are more suited to a site selling children’s toys.

If you are a makeup company then it’s recommended to stick with colours that appeal to women, such as blues, greens and purples. Earthy tones such as orange, brown or grey have been proven to dissuade female consumers from making a purchase, so avoiding including these within your website’s colour scheme.

Below are some colours and their typical psychological associations

  • Blue: evokes feelings of trust and loyalty
  • Orange: an impulsive, fun colour that can stimulate physical activity, confidence and competition
  • Green: ideal for environmental products and outdoor goods
  • Black: a colour of luxury, glamour, sophistication and exclusivity 

If you are in the process of creating a new web design then think carefully about the use of colour across your site. Evidently, it has the power to evoke specific emotions and when used wisely can trigger a positive response in your customers that encourages them to make a purchase. 

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