6 Reasons why your Brand Needs to be on Facebook

Not using Facebook for business as much as you should be? Here are 6 reasons why you definitely should be using the platform on a regular basis…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-09-19 07:28:00

Facebook is an extremely popular and powerful social media platform offering a refreshing take on social sharing. If you haven’t joined the platform yet but want to stay well ahead of other brands, here are 6 reasons why your business should definitely be on Facebook:

1. Facebook remains the most popular social networking site for marketers

With 80% of marketers currently using the platform, Facebook remains the number 1 social media channel for marketers. If you don’t have a presence on there, you’re not only losing out on a massive opportunity to market your brand, but you’re also giving your competitors the perfect opportunity to steal away your potential conversions – and clients.

2. Helps you to remain afloat of digital evolution

When you join Facebook, it makes sense to start following certain influencer brands to gain an insight into the way the company looks and works, which in turn will provide inspiration when it comes to creating your own social media content. Your goal on Facebook and other social platforms is to engage with your audience in a creative way and establish long-term relationships with your customers that will strengthen over time.

3. 1.9 billion monthly users and counting

With 1.9 billion monthly users and counting and 1 in every 5 humans on the platform, if Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world! And with the average user spending 55 minutes per day on the platform, this gives you the perfect opportunity to grab your consumers’ attention and promote your brand. Also, the average user has 130 friends, meaning that when users interact with your content, that interaction gets seen by their friends, giving you an even greater opportunity to reach a vast audience.

A close up of the Facebook app on a screen. The app is a blue square with a white 'F' on it and the word 'Facebook' written beneath it

4. Drives the largest share of social media referral traffic

Facebook continues to dominate all other major social platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest in terms of its share of social media referrals. Provided it’s used correctly, Facebook can offer a highly valuable and predictable source of leads.

5. Real-time search changes the game

Facebook has made most content available publicly, unless of course you adjust your privacy settings. This has huge implications for SEO and reputation management, since a positive status update about your brand could show up on the first page of Google search results for your company (at least temporarily)!

6. Booming mobile video traffic

As of 2016, the Facebook app was gaining 4 billion video views per day. That’s a LOT of people! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to appeal to a brand new audience by uploading videos to this popular platform.

Is your business taking advantage of Facebook? Does it form a large part of your social media efforts? How do you go about creating content and managing your Facebook page?

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