4 Vital Elements of a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

If you’re looking to create videos as part of your marketing strategy, use this guide to help you create the most outstanding videos imaginable.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-06-02 08:45:00

Video content is immensely popular and is today regarded as the preferred complement to online marketing. Consumers want to acquire the information they need, fast, so creating videos is a fantastic way to easily appeal to your target market.

If you’re looking to create videos as part of your marketing strategy, use this guide to help you create the most outstanding videos imaginable:

1. Identify your goals

Before getting started with your video marketing campaign you need to identify your goals. What is it that you are hoping to accomplish from creating a video marketing campaign?

  • Raise awareness of your brand?
  • Draw attention to your products and services?
  • Show off your workplace culture?
  • Answer questions received on social media?
  • Update your audience on the latest news in the industry?
  • Detail how to use one of your products or services?

Once you’ve established your reasons for creating a video, you then need to determine how you intend to accurately measure whether or not your video was a success. Will you base it on the number of times it was viewed? Or perhaps on the amount of times it was shared?

2. Get creative

The next thing to do is to think up an exciting campaign that will get your audience talking. Your video marketing campaign needs to be designed to appeal to your precise target audience, so make sure you have an in-depth knowledge of your buyer personas so that you can create your video accordingly. You also need to ensure that it’s fully mobile optimised as the majority of today’s audience are using their mobile phones to access information from the internet.

3. Craft your call to action

A video marketing campaign is incomplete without a call to action. Refer back to point one above to determine what it is that you wish to achieve from creating your video. Then, implement that into your video by finishing off with the relevant call to action.

4. Distribute it!

Finally, a video marketing campaign means nothing without proper distribution. It’s all well and good creating an outstanding video that ticks all the right boxes for your target market, but if you don’t distribute it, it won’t stand a chance of being seen by a vast audience.

Use social media to promote your video by posting it to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr or whichever other social media platforms you have a presence on. Encourage people to share your content – including your team, so that it gets as much interest as possible.

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