First Page of Google: It doesn’t Happen Overnight!

Desperate to reach the first page of Google? Here are some important points for consideration when it comes to your search engine optimisation rankings!


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-04-25 09:05:00

You might expect your search engine optimisation strategy or content strategy to generate overnight results, and many PAID marketing strategies do generate immediate results, such as a fresh pay per click (PPC) campaign, which will bring in paid traffic almost immediately.

Business owners familiar with such strategies often become impatient if they do not see immediate changes to their SEO rankings following an update or audit.

Listed below are some important points for consideration when it comes to your search engine optimisation rankings:

Quick results are a myth

It takes time, effort, research and energy to gain top rankings on Google. While some SEO agencies can meet this expectation if your business isn’t operating in an overly competitive industry, for those in a more competitive field, it can take longer to achieve such results, and a good SEO agency will implement the absolute best practices to ensure your website delivers the greatest results possible.

The process is broken down as follows:

  • SEO research and customer approved strategy – requires up to 2 weeks
  • On-page SEO – up to 2 weeks
  • Off-page SEO – up to 2 weeks

From here, you have to wait for Google’s crawlers to index the entire website, which can take a further 2 weeks. That’s almost 1 ½ months of SEO work.

SEO: A complex world

A quality SEO agency will optimise your website and online presence to meet important ranking factors that will enable your website to gradually move up in search engine rankings. A number of different techniques will need to be implemented to obtain top results, some of which will fail, others of which will succeed. A leading SEO agency will implement a range of SEO solutions to determine what works best for your business.

Google: Always making changes

Google likes to make regular changes to its SERP algorithm, including new conditions or factors for ranking highly. These changes, which aren’t always published by Google, can easily impact your website’s ranking, forcing marketing experts to analyse thousands of websites over a number of days in order to determine the impact of those changes.

Rankings are not static

Finally, it’s essential to remember that rankings on Google are not static and businesses are constantly changing their SEO strategy to maintain positive SEO results. As such, you need to remain on top of your SEO strategy in order to retain your position. This is achievable by remaining consistent in your SEO efforts and by focusing on maintaining the quality of your website.

Search engine optimisation requires hard work, dedication, knowledge and experience. By implementing a consistent, tried and tested SEO strategy and by working hard to provide a positive user experience, you will eventually see positive long-term results.

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