Which Service Sells Best: SEO, PPC, Content Marketing or SMM?

Are they in competition with one another, or do they work symbiotically? Read on to find out…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2018-01-03 08:33:00

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In the world of digital marketing, popularity doesn’t necessarily influence saleability.

Read on to discover which digital marketing services sell the best out of SEO, PPC, content marketing and social media marketing (SMM)…

Research carried out at MOZ has discovered that the most popular digital agency services are:

1. SEO: 98%

2. Social media: 87%

3. PPC management: 75%

4. Content marketing: 73%

Search volumes for digital marketing niche queries are:

SEO: 934,060

Social media: 677,850

Content marketing: 552,750

PPC management: 82,690

SEO remains the leading niche, attracting the highest number of online searchers while also possessing the highest chance of leading to a conversion. However, people want to learn more about social media and content marketing as they understand the benefits it possesses. The digital marketing sphere is evolving closer and closer towards content marketing and social media marketing, as people understand its power in terms of Google search rankings. Further, those who are searching for PPC are the most likely to be converted, as research also found that those who are performing searches for PPC are likely to invest in PPC management services.

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Looking further into people’s SEO requirements

The most popular SEO search queries are terms such as “SEO tools,” “search engine optimisation” and “SEO Company.” This indicates that although many users would prefer to deal with SEO issues on their own, a number of them are eager to delegate this responsibility to paid professionals.

Looking further into people’s PPC requirements

When it comes to PPC, people’s search queries indicate that they are not willing to deal with PPC on their own. The majority of online searchers seeking information about PPC are using terms such as “PPC management agency” and “pay per click management service,” indicating that they prefer to find an agency or consultant as opposed to doing the work independently.

Looking further into people’s social media marketing (SMM) requirements

The most searchable SMM keywords are general queries such as “social media” and “social media definition.” Others are related to SMM education, such as “masters in social media marketing” or “online social media marketing course,” indicating that many people are seeking to boost their knowledge of this increasingly popular area of marketing. That being said, the query “What is social media strategy” is also very popular, indicating that many searchers are looking for an expert agency to manage their SMM channels.

Looking further into people’s content marketing requirements

In the world of content marketing search queries, the most popular search terms are:


content management system

content management system database

Drupal content management system

what does a content management system do

healthcare content management

Clearly, many businesses are seeking a professional management system to help them manage their content strategies and processes.

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Summing up

The major findings indicate that, although there are high search volumes for certain terms, this doesn’t necessarily mean that these terms equate to high conversions. In summary:

1. SMM and content marketing might be relatively new concepts, but when compared to PPC and SEO, they enjoy very high search volumes. That being said, they do receive less commercial queries that convert, though their popularity in terms of conversions is certainly increasing.

2. SMM education has become a highly competitive niche, so if you are looking to sell SMM training courses, take note that this is a very competitive market.

3. Content management services and content management systems are competing against one another, with content marketing software company, Contently, being the clear winner here.

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