How to get your Business on the First Page of Google

Battling for the first page on Google isn’t as hard as you think! Here are our top 5 tips on how to optimise your website for high search engine rankings...


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2018-07-18 09:03:00

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If you’ve been having trouble finding your business on the first few pages of Google, there could be a number of reasons for this. In this post we bring you 8 reasons why your website might be falling off page one in the SERPS, and how to turn this around…High ranking content on Google

1. Your website is poorly optimised for search engines

There are so many facets involved when it comes to SEO, but one factor that could reduce your chances of ranking well is slow loading speed.

A website that takes longer than 2 seconds to load will result in high bounce rates as people quickly exit the site in favour of a competitor’s. To reduce loading speed, check things such as image sizes and buffering videos. You can also run a free report on GTMetrix to determine if your site is slow to load, and why.

Aside from loading speed, your site needs to be well optimised with high-quality content as well as high-quality metadata and alt tags, as all of these factors influence your success on SERPs.

2. You haven’t told Google you’re a business

This might seem obvious, but many businesses actually forget to alert Google that they’re up and running. First thing to do is claim your listing on Google My Business. We’ve covered this plenty of times and for obvious reasons too – it’s such an important place to be! Here are some of the many posts we’ve written about the tool: How to Create the Perfect Google My Business Listing, and Optimise your Google My Business Listing with These Tips.

3. You’re social media presence is minimal

It is so easy for social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to rank on page one for you. This is thanks to something called high ‘domain authority,’ which they have earned because their sites have earned lots of traffic and trust. So if you have active social media pages, then you also have a great chance of ranking well on Google, via these search engines, when people perform a search for your business.

4. You’re not taking advantage of paid advertising

Paid advertising is a useful and effective option, particularly if you’re a new business just getting started with your SEO. Obviously budget differs from business to business, but for those willing to give their business a little extra boost, paid advertising is definitely an option. To learn more about paid advertising, see the following articles: Combining your Google Analytics and Google AdWords Accounts, and Does PPC Affect Organic SEO Results.

5. You have negative customer reviews, or none at all

Reviews are everything in the world of modern marketing, so if you don’t have any or you have negative reviews, this will seriously affect your Google rankings. When people visit your website, ask them to leave a Facebook or Google+ rating, or go one step further and create a Testimonials page on your website.

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