How to Create a Powerful Marketing Strategy

Are you looking for ways to effectively promote your new business with a powerful marketing strategy? Then read on for our top tips on exactly how to do this!


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-07-26 10:49:00

If you’ve just set up a new business and are looking for ways to effectively promote your brand and get the word out there about your company, look no further. Here we provide our top tips on how to create a robust marketing strategy that’s effective, powerful and successful.

Strategy versus Plan

A marketing strategy is essentially the goals that you want to achieve, such as raising awareness of your latest service or boosting sales at your physical store. Whatever your goals are, it’s essential that you have a strong, clear vision of what it is that you are trying to achieve as this will provide you with the foundations you need when it comes to understanding and determining how successful or unsuccessful you are along the way.

From here, you will then develop a marketing plan to achieve the goals set out in your marketing strategy. Your plan will dictate how you intend to achieve success as a business and a brand. Will you be creating ads on social media platforms such as Facebook? Or reaching out to influencers to share your expertise? Perhaps you will go down the traditional route and create flyers, brochures and other offline materials? There are countless tools available to you and your business; however what counts is that you find the right tools for your specific business needs.

Identify your Target Market

Anyone and everyone could be a potential client for your product or service, but there’s a high chance that you don’t have the time to market to anyone and everyone! Instead, you need to develop a buyer persona to discover who your exact target market is and establish who you need to spend your money and time promoting your services to.

Know the Competition

Even if there is no direct competition for your products or services, there is always some element of competition competing for your potential customers’ money. You therefore need to determine what or who the competition is and why your potential customer should spend his or her money and time with you instead of them. What’s your unique selling point? What’s your competitive advantage? how can you promote this?

Develop Awareness

It can be difficult for potential customers to buy your products or services if they do not know much about your business or even remember that it exists. Generally speaking, a potential client needs to be exposed to your product or service between 5 and 15 times in order to begin remembering it when the need arises. Remain in your clients’ minds consistently by having a strong presence, being responsive and always answering to their needs. Some examples of amazing brands include those as diverse as Lamborghini, Apple and McDonald’s.

Maintain Focus

Finally, it’s essential to maintain focus to effectively utilise your important resources (money and time). If you use your marketing budget to promote a single product to a specifically defined target market and do so over a continuous period of time, you will experience much greater returns on investment in the long run.

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