Strategic Marketing Lessons we can Learn from Apple

There are countless marketing lessons that we can learn from Apple and its passionate, creative founder, Steve Jobs. Read on to learn more…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-02-24 09:01:00

Apple’s innovative product offering has had a huge impact on the way we live our lives. After the release of the iPod in 2001, people from across the globe yearned to get their hands on an Apple product, with some of the company’s most successful items including the iPad and iPhone.

Today, the company has a wide and successful product offering and with an estimated net worth of $700 billion, there are plenty of marketing lessons that we can learn from Apple and its inspiring, passionate and creative founder, Steve Jobs.

Make a Fantastic Product

Steve Jobs was passionate about developing something unique and fantastic. He never settled for second best – everything he created was done with dedication and care, from the performance of his products right down to their external appearance and packaging.

Today, when you buy a product from Apple, you can guarantee that you are going to receive the highest quality product that is also well packaged. For Steve, what mattered above and beyond everything else was providing a brilliant product that is of the greatest quality.

Focus on the experience

Over the years, Apple’s primary focus has been on bringing customers unique and enjoyable experiences, sensations and values through their products. When customers open an iPod, iPad, iPhone or Apple Macbook Air, they know they are going to be presented with a unique product that is simply unrivalled in its excellence.  

Make your Clients love your product

Apple is a notoriously popular brand who’s users are 100% committed to the Apple brand. These people are so loyal to Apple that they understand its vision and feel a part of the community. To achieve this for your own business, you need to get your customers to want to recommend your brand, and you can only do this when you provide a fantastic, immaculate product or service. When you offer this, clients will automatically talk positively about you and spread the word about your brand, which is a highly effective (and free) marketing tool.

Keep it Simple

Finally, keep everything about your marketing strategy very simple. Apple is renowned for its simplistic approach, from the way it packages its products to the user experience. Everything offered by Apple is consistency clean and simple and this is one of the many reasons why customers return to Apple time and time again.

Focus your own marketing efforts on keeping everything very clean, clear and simple. In doing so, people will feel inspired to choose your brand over others, enabling you to shine above the competition.


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