4 Website Mistakes Discovered Via Content Audits: Part 2

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Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2018-05-02 10:16:00

In part one of this post, we brought you four website mistakes discovered via content audits that your business definitely needs to avoid if you want to achieve heightened digital success.

These mistakes were unclear calls-to-action, testimonials that have gone to waste (due to poor placement), lack of information pertaining to pricing (even if only basic) and too much jargon featured throughout your content marketing.

All of these factors put off website visitors – who are of course potential customers. And in today’s advanced digital era where people expect a great deal from their web-browsing experience, you cannot afford to make these mistakes.

In part 2 of this post, we bring you a further 4 mistakes discovered via our content audits that we hope you aren’t making…

Poor website structure

Nowadays a well-structured website is indispensable to your success. Without it, users will become frustrated and typically wind up leaving in favour of a competitor. A positive user experience is vital to any website and mobile readiness has never been more important. Your site needs fluid internal linking from one page to the next, while all blog content should like back to a core page on your site.

Page duplication from migration to HTTPS

Another major mistake made by many businesses is a lack of 301 redirects set up from the HTTP version to the HTTPS version, which prevents unintentional duplication of your entire site.

When your site features duplicate content, this can negatively influence search rankings as search engines struggle to understand which version of a page is more relevant to a particular search query. By performing regular crawls across your site, you will be better able to remain on top of any kind of duplicate content featured on your site.

Lack of content for each stage of the customer journey

When creating pages on your website, you need to create that content around each particular stage of the sales funnels.

What is often the case is that content is too heavily aimed at driving a purchase, but as a result, content around awareness, consideration and retention suffers. So bear in mind content for EVERY stage of the buyer journey, no matter how brief that stage might be.

Not making content locally relevant (when it matters)

Finally, if location is important to your business, then you should not simply use testimonials to boost your local relevance, but your content in general. If your business is in competition with countless others, make sure your website stands out from the crowd by creating locally-relevant content that resonates with local communities. Ask your sales team to take note of the most commonly asked questions so that you can turn these questions into valuable content.

There are so many strategies you can adopt to improve your website’s content and attract a wider client base (whether local or international). If you’re seeking help with your content strategy, get in touch. Our team of specialists know the precise techniques and requirements needed to elevate your content and give your business the leading edge.

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