How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

It’s critical to develop a content marketing strategy otherwise you will end up disordered and confused. Read this guide for our top tips on how to develop a successful content marketing strategy.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-03-09 07:54:00

Content marketing can take a great deal of your time what with the many blog articles, social media posts and email marketing campaigns that you need to plan and send out on a regular basis.

But without a content marketing strategy it can be very difficult to remain organised and effective when it comes to your content.

Your content strategy is designed to keep you on track with all content and to help you target more potential clients. Through the creation of well-written and informative content, people will perceive you as an industry leader, provided that the content is relevant to your clients and your line of business.

Your content strategy also needs to establish what ‘high-quality’ content will look like and how you can make that work on a consistent basis. It will also enable you to determine how you will know when the strategy is working and the tweaks and improvements you will make along the way to ensure the strategy remains effective.

The content strategy process involves a repeated cycle of:

1.       Goals

2.       Insight and analysis

3.       Products and Tactics

4.       Testing

A content strategy starts with the broader picture and then gradually filters down to the specific details. For instance, when you begin with step one above (goals) your primary goal may be to become an industry thought leader. The next step (insight and analysis) is to ascertain how you can achieve that goal.

You will then come up with a number of tactics which may include the specific content you plan to create, how to establish an industry presence and how to educate your customers.  From here, you will test these factors to determine their effectiveness.

The content marketing process is a continual one that influences different areas of your business. When successfully executed, it helps you to get found online through search engines and on social media platforms.

But in order for your strategy to be a success you need to remain on the ball and never stop asking questions. Have specific, attainable goals and always test everything. Focus on the particulars and adopt the process with creativity and patience.

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