7 Powerful Instagram Marketing Secrets

Here are seven powerful Instagram marketing secrets that will help you to build a strong following, bring traffic to your site and hopefully drive some sales!


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-04-28 08:04:00

Instagram is an incredible social media platform with fantastic potential for businesses and individuals alike. While your business’ Facebook posts often get lost amongst the crowd, Instagram remains home to millions of content creators where the potential for businesses to promote themselves has never been easier.

That being said, as more and more people post content onto the platform, it can be difficult to get noticed. With that in mind, here are seven powerful Instagram marketing secrets that will help you to build a strong following and hopefully drive some sales!

1. Schedule your content

Having a regular Instagram schedule is important as consistency in marketing is one of the things that attracts people back to your content. Apps like Buffer and Later are great time-saving tools that help you to schedule, publish and analyse your posts with ease. You can schedule well in advance, complete with hashtags and captions, saving you time each day and giving you more time to interact with your audience.

2. Save posts as drafts

If you’d rather not schedule your content, you can save them to your ‘Instagram drafts’, which stores posts in the app, along with captions, hashtags and tags, allowing you to access them the next time you’re ready to publish them.

3. Strategic hashtags

Hashtags are essential in spreading the word about your brand and connecting you to a wider audience. Choosing the right hashtags is vital and sites such as ritetag give you detailed information about what’s currently trending and what’s not. Another effective strategy is to localise hashtags or create hashtags that directly relate to your post.

4. Use editing apps

There are plenty of apps out there that will change the way you use Instagram, including Snapseed, a powerful Google product that offers curves, contrast and much more, as well as Facetune, which is fantastic for touching up images and giving them that Insta-worthy shine.

5. Broadcast live

It seems that all the apps are getting on board with the ‘Live’ feature, and it’s obvious why. Countless international brands are using Instagram Live, and there are plenty of reasons for this. It allows you to strengthen your connection with your followers, teach your audience something or simply keep them in the loop about your brand.

6. Post behind-the-scenes content

Though Instagram is typically about posting those close-to-perfection shots, there is also space to go a little more rough around the edges with behind-the-scenes content in the form of a ‘the making of’ shot or a shot of your company culture. These shots make people feel more connected to your brand, whilst generating an even stronger following.

7. Run Instagram ads

Instagram ads were introduced back in 2015, but not a lot of businesses actually take advantage of them. Instagram ads are heavily targeted, meaning you can directly advertise to your precise target audience. Though you have to pay for the service, it’s well worth the investment as research has proven that Instagram ads have strong ROI capabilities.

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