Branding Lessons from Apple

Gain branding inspiration from one of the world’s greatest brands, Apple.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-11-12 07:56:00

Here at 8 Ways Media we are all about inspiring individuals and businesses to learn as much about the world of branding and web design to better themselves and improve their approach to marketing.

For this reason, we are always looking to the world’s greatest brands for inspiration including Mercedes-Benz, Swatch, Adidas, Nike and National Geographic. Though we have already talked about the strategic marketing lessons we can learn from Apple, today we are going to go into more depth about their specific approach to branding.

Apple is one of the world’s most iconic brands and is a company that millions of people from across the globe know and love. Even if you are a small business with a tiny reach, you can still learn many important brand-building lessons from this influential brand:

Consistent Logo, Branding And Web Design

Apple’s professional logo design is so recognisable that the word ‘Apple’ doesn’t need to be written beneath the company’s logo in order for it to be identifiable. Furthermore, when you do see an apple product presented in writing, you know immediately from the lower case ‘i’  (iPhone/iWatch/iPad etc) that it is an Apple product. Apple never fails to place the ‘i’ in lower case, ensuring that the brand is always easily identifiable.   

When you first set up a business you need to think about every aspect of logo design and web design very carefully, right down to the type of font you wish to use. Your logo design will feature everywhere from your business cards, the homepage of your website, social media pages, office reception and other branding materials. As such, everything about your logo design and website needs to be cohesive, visually appealing and memorable while being suitable for every type of medium imaginable.

Take Advantage of Emotion in Building your Brand’s Identity

Apple has always engaged with people’s emotions to create a strong bond to the brand that cannot be forgotten. Many of the brand’s advertising campaigns have tugged at our heartstrings and evoked emotional responses, demonstrating how passionate the brand is about innovation and change.

Tug on the heartstrings of your audience by engaging emotions through captivating advertisements, content marketing and social media marketing. This will create a memorable identity where clients are more likely to remember your brand and return to it to purchase your products or services, time and time again.

Engage with your Audience

Finally, it’s essential to engage with your audience from day one and remain tuned into their every question, comment and complaint. Apple are famous for their ability to interact with customers on a deep, personal level, which is impressive for a brand of such size and international reach. If you have a blog and social media pages, always respond to your followers’ queries and comments. Take care of your clients, even if they were disappointed in a service or product; after all, superior customer care is one of the easiest ways to maintain brand loyalty and keep customers returning to your brand time and time again. 

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