How to Drive Traffic to your Business Blog

Content writing needs to be about your audience. Here we bring you some non-technical strategies designed to help you drive more traffic to your business blog


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-05-03 08:12:00

We all know the technical ways to boost traffic to your blog. Content needs to be optimised for search engines, keywords need to be placed and the precise amount of content needs to be created.

But crafting content specifically for search engines doesn’t work anymore, because user experience has taken over in importance versus gearing your posts for search engine optimisation success.

So with that in mind, here we bring you some non-technical strategies designed to help you drive traffic to your business blog:

Always have something to say

Don’t create blog content just for the sake of it. Have something meaningful to say to your audience, whether by answering a helpful question or addressing an issue that is currently a hot topic. Whatever you do, avoid boring your audience with dry, stale content that has no soul. Use language that resonates with your audience so that they feel that they learned something from taking the time to read your blog writing or at least felt entertained in doing so. When you adopt this approach, the chances are high that they’ll come back.

Bring in current affairs or popular culture

Any blog writing created with current affairs or popular culture in mind is guaranteed to capture the attention of your audience. Here at 8 Ways Media we’ve written plenty of popular culture pieces, tying what’s currently popular in with our content writing (e.g. What Game of Thrones Can Teach us about Content Marketing, which triggered a massive response, or this piece on Roger Federer, which we published during 2016's Wimbledon Championships). Whatever’s currently trending, try to tie it into your content writing – You’ll be surprised at how many will invest the time in reading it.

Be innovative

It can be so tempting to scour the internet for content writing inspiration, but trust us, it makes much more sense to pepper your content with personality by giving readers something they won’t find elsewhere. If need be, get your team of creatives together to brainstorm ideas. Your goal is to create content that’s thoughtful, inventive and unique.

Don’t forget your call-to-action

With every piece of content you write, it’s vital to create a call-to-action so that your audience knows what you want them to do once they reach the end.

Don’t ignore the power of the visual

Today’s audiences are either pressed for time or easily distracted, so think about how you can visually capture their attention. There are plenty of options to play around with including videos, infographics, high-quality photography, links and graphs, so play around with different ideas to see what works best for your content.

Closing thoughts

In the world of blog writing, practice makes perfect. Over time you will come to realise what’s working and what’s not, so keep trying, using the above tips to avoid boring your audience into exiting your blog!

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