7 Creative Types you Need to Build a Killer Digital Marketing Team

Having a killer Marketing team in place is essential! Here we list the creative types you need to build a killer marketing team!


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-03-09 08:46:00

Marketing is an all-hands-on-deck endeavour which means having a killer team in place is essential!

With so many elements involved in marketing, it’s never been more crucial to have a smart, creative, hardworking team in place to make your marketing a success!

Here we list the creative types you need to build a killer marketing team:

The Language Lover

A lover of language is going to quickly, easily and passionately create blog posts, press releases, Tweets, Instagram posts and other branded campaigns, and when working together with a killer visual artist, the results will be incredible.

The Visual Artist

A language lover can’t work alone; he or she needs powerful images and graphics to back up the words. Not only that, but a great marketing strategy can’t rely on words alone. Powerful, breath-taking and brand-appropriate images, videos, infographics and photos are needed to truly engage audiences.

The Big Picture Planner

Digital marketing is a huge area that involves so many different elements, including social media, email, web design, video content and much more. With so many options at your fingertips, it’s vital to have a team member on board who can look at the bigger picture and make plans accordingly. Whether you’re a massive agency or a tiny start-up, you’re going to need someone who can easily craft both short and long-term plans, especially if you want your digital marketing strategy to further your overall business goals.

Mr/Ms Attention-to-Detail

Unlike the Big Picture Planner, this type of person micromanages the baby steps that go into a campaign to make sure that every detail is exactly right. They’re likely to be found crunching numbers, designing intuitive tweaks, testing software and troubleshooting to see what’s working and what’s not.

The Event Guru

When executed correctly, events have the power to generate huge returns on investment, whether in terms of engagement, numbers (i.e. social media impressions), opportunities to meet with potential clients and of course, networking. However, successful event planning requires the right kind of person: someone who generates the right ambience and truly captivates the audience.

The Editor

Having killer content across your marketing is nothing unless you have someone to cut down the words, correct spelling mistakes and spot an incorrect hashtag. A killer editor has the ability to make your words come to life and instinctively knows when and how to use apostrophes, plurals and more. Not only that, but they can translate the content from across your entire team and turn it into a coherent brand voice.

The Analyst/data person

Creating insights and reports into how your digital marketing is working is vital as this is what enables you to produce content that your audience actually enjoys engaging with. Not only that, but with so much content being published online a minute-by-minute basis, you’re going to need a team member who can make sense of all the data – not just from your own campaigns but also the bigger picture stuff, including huge data and demographic trends, as well as your team’s long-term goals, technological capabilities and budget.

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