How to Create the Perfect Company Blog

In order to create the perfect company blog you need to follow certain rules! Read on for 4 important tips to follow to maintain a popular company blog…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-04-27 08:52:00

Corporate blog creation involves setting up a section of your website specifically for the purpose of writing a blog. In this section of your website, you are going to upload regular blog content, at least twice times per week. In order to create the perfect company blog, you need to follow the below-mentioned tips:

Keep it Relevant

Although it can be tempting to write about any old subject matter, this is not an appropriate way to run your corporate blog. All content must be related to your area of business. For instance, if you run a dental surgery, it’s recommended to write posts about past treatments, patients treated, oral hygiene and so on. Of course, articles can branch out to different subject matters as the blog evolves (e.g. it could talk about travel and link to recommended food and drink), but it is important that they are always related to the nature of your business.

Write from an Expert Perspective

The internet is overloaded with information and users have become savvy at distinguishing the expert content from the rest. Google values content written by an industry expert over generalised authors, particularly in certain industries such as the legal and medical sectors. So, going back to the dental surgery, it would be highly advisable to include content written by a dentist from your practice, as this will be written from an expert perspective who will be able to share his or her knowledge and insights with readers. All content writing needs to be of the highest quality with exceptional spelling and grammar.

Excellent on-page Search Engine Optimisation

Excellent on-page SEO means ensuring that your website is easy to access and use. It therefore needs to include the right mix of keywords that your target market is using to find businesses such as yours. The main keywords should be included in the blog title, subheadings, metadata, images and main body of text between two and four times. Keywords must always be included subtly and strategically so that the reader feels comfortable when reading your content. Remember, your focus is on the user first, and then the search engines. Although you want your page to rank highly in SERP results, this is only really possible if you put your readers first.

Be Consistent

Finally, everything about your blog needs to be consistent. If you’re going to post once a day, be sure to do so consistently and try to maintain the same subjects and times each day. For instance, if you’re running that dental surgery we mentioned above, Mondays could be all about healthy eating and drinking choices for our teeth, Tuesdays could talk about recent patients that came to the clinic and Wednesdays could be a discussion on the overall industry (and so on). Keeping it consistent, relevant and interesting will keep readers coming back for more as they will eventually come to expect certain content from you – and look forward to it.

So there you have it! As you can see, the benefits of a company blog are immeasurable, so if you haven’t set up yours yet, what are you waiting for?

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