Outstanding Business Blog Posts

Are you searching for ways to create outstanding business blog posts? Read on for our top hints and tips on how to create consistently exceptional content.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-02-15 08:08:00

Countless businesses are now using blogging as a way to reach out to their clientele and spread the word about their services. However, a large number of these business blogs are rarely updated or feature poor, lifeless content that brings little value to readers.

When people read a business blog they want to be educated, inspired or entertained with interesting, valuable content that serves a purpose. They want to read something that is so useful that it deserves to be liked, commented on and shared with the world.

If you aren’t generating the results that you want with your business blog, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Listed below are some outstanding business blog posts designed to trigger a strong response in your readers:

1.       How-To Guides

Readers love ‘How-To’ guides because they’re easy to digest. They are well formatted, clear in their intentions and easy on the eye.

When writing how-tos it’s essential that they are packed with useful information and plenty of bullet points that educate readers and leave them with something useful and valuable. People should be able to walk away with a thorough understanding of the process through a series of well-written content, plenty of images and even videos or graphs.

You can find some of our most successful how to guides here, here and here.

2.       Honest Revelations

Create blog posts that are open, honest and revealing. Many financial blog posts do this to reveal information about income, debts or other interesting information related to money.

Opening up to your readers shows that you are human and is a better way to boost engagement with your readers and ignite a sense of trust in your brand. You don’t need to talk about your latest earnings for outstanding expenses; you can talk about your latest project, design process or a big corporate decision that has been made.

Although it can be overwhelming to open up to your readers, this is a sure-fire way to connect with your readers and encourage deeper engagement.

3.       Inventive Posts

There is an overwhelming volume of content across the internet, a large amount of which is useless and meaningless. Make your content shine by thinking as originally and inventively as possible.

Some of our most successful posts have combined seemingly unrelated elements and linked them to marketing (see herehere and here). These have given readers a unique insight into the world of marketing and brought in something that genuinely interests our readers.

4.       Long Lists

Like How-To guides, long lists have proven incredibly popular amongst readers worldwide because they are easy to digest, easy on the eye and packed with informative information. Though long lists (of 50 items or more) can be demanding to research and write, they will be sure to generate a massive response from your readers and capture the attention of potential clients.

5.       Go Against the Grain

Though it can be nerve-wracking to write a blog post that goes against the grain, this is far more likely to trigger a massive response and even lead your post to become viral. Your readers will love you for your honesty and will see you as a brand that is genuine, loyal and honest. 

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