How to Properly Run a Business Blog

Do you currently run a business blog but aren’t generating the right results? Then read this guide for our top tips on how to properly run your blog!


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-07-22 11:21:00

A business blog differs significantly from a standard blog in that standard blogs write about subjects they are passionate about, such as fashion, food or interior design. As such, it can be more difficult to gain a passionate following from a business blog, particularly if readers of your blog are not customers.

Business blogging should be seen as an investment that contributes positively to your overall content marketing strategy. As such, it’s necessary to perform business blogging correctly.

Listed below are our top tips on how to do this:

Create sterling content

A business blog needs to be brimming with sterling content that people will love. Since your blog is essentially your business’ voice, it needs to accurately reflect your brand, values and philosophy. You cannot simply write any old thing just for the sake of getting content published. Your content needs to be well researched and insightful, providing great value to your readers.

Invest in a good writer

To achieve the above, it’s necessary to invest in a good writer. Although you may be willing to blog yourself, over time you will come to realise how time-consuming blogging can be, which is why it’s necessary to find a reliable and professional content writer who can create leading content on behalf of your business.

Show the face behind your blog

Readers love to know the face behind the blog they are reading. It adds a ‘human’ element to the overall experience and gives people an insight into their background and expertise. This also gives readers an easier way to get in touch with the writer.

Get others to contribute

Once you’ve found a professional content writer, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get others to contribute. Doing this brings in fresh perspectives about a certain topic, keeping your blog as fresh and interesting as possible. Perhaps a member of your team has just completed an important project or has had a specific experience with a client that they want to share. Getting different voices to contribute could do wonders for your blog.

Combine blogging with email marketing

Once your blog gets off the ground you should begin to collect email addresses and create regular newsletters. This will keep your company name fresh in readers’ minds, as email marketing and blogging are strongly related, complementing one another.

Be responsive

Finally, always take the time to communicate with your followers. If someone has made an effort to respond to a blog post, be sure to reply to them. This shows your readers that you care about them as individuals, which contributes positively to your brand.

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