7 Places your Business needs a Digital Presence

Your business should be present on these 7 vital places to succeed in the ever-competitive digital landscape!


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2019-09-23 08:22:00

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Before the internet came into use, we needed to search through a phone book to find a business’ telephone number, call them up and then get our questions answered.

Today, at the push of a button you can go straight to a business’ website, find their FAQs and get answers to your own questions. Or maybe even access their videos to find exactly what you are looking for.

Without a digital presence, accessing this information is impossible.

So does your business have a digital presence? Here are 8 places where you should definitely have a digital presence:

1. Voice Search

Millions of people use voice search (e.g. Siri or Alexa). We’ve become reliant on simply saying something and expecting our technology to respond, which is why search results based on intent rather than exact matches are vital.

You could consider creating short audio content for Alexa Briefs, or finding your way into Google’s Featured Snippets so you feature first in results with simple answers. Of course, all of this means you need to be adopting modern SEO tactics (contact our team if you’re feeling a little lost here!).

2. Web Search

Traditional web search still happens; we spend countless hours in offices and cubicles using laptops and PCs, so make sure your more traditional SEO efforts and dialled up to drive people to your business. This also includes B2B solutions. If you focus on assisting potential customers with solving their issues directly and indirectly related to your offerings, you’ll be sure to reap results.

3. Mobile Search

Another place people use search is through mobile devices. Search engine results pages (SERP) show different results when you use a mobile device (compared to a PC or laptop, for example). Make sure your Google business listing is fully optimised, including your business address, email address and contact number (that people can tap ‘call’ on).

4. Social Media – Research

Having a social media presence is vital to maintaining interest of current customers and appealing to potential customers. Many people even perform searches through social media platforms, so make sure your social profiles are up-to-date and active.

5. Social Media – Recommendations

It’s vital that your Facebook business page is easy to find. When Facebook users ask their friends for recommendations, business pages get linked in to their responses. This is an easy way to guarantee people can become ambassadors of your brand.

6. Video for Search (YouTube)

Video is a fantastic marketing strategy and extremely effective. YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google, so if you’re answering questions like “What is…” or “How do…”, then you should definitely consider creating videos. Not only do people search the video platform natively, but results are also shown in Google SERP as well.

7. Other!

There are so many ways to reach current and potential customers! Where do your customers spend the majority of their time online? Podcasts? Streaming music or video? Games? By thinking outside the box, you can take advantage of these platforms and reach and even broader client base.

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to expanding your digital footprint. How does your approach to digital marketing look right now? Contact a member of our team to find out!

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