4 Ways to Generate More Profit from AdWords eCommerce Campaigns

How can you improve your Facebook & Google AdWords e-commerce campaign results within a matter of weeks? Here are 4 simple steps to generating greater profits…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-09-12 05:51:00

Plenty of businesses are now spending money on Google and Facebook ads, but not all businesses know how to generate the maximum amount of profit from their campaigns.

So how can you improve your results within a matter of weeks? Read on to discover 4 simple steps to generate greater profits from AdWords e-commerce campaigns…

1. Run Google shopping ads

Google Ads are those that show up with product images with their prices featured below. If you’re trying to sell products but aren’t yet running Google shopping ads, then you’re definitely missing out. Google shopping ads are able to generate 50% more of revenue for an ecommerce campaign, so if you’re not running them yet then you should think about doing so some time soon.

To do so, simply:

1. Create a Google merchant account

2. Create a shopping feed

3. Set up a Google shopping campaign

2. Add negative keywords

So, your shopping ad campaign is up and running, now it’s time to enter the keywords you don’t wish to show up for. This ensures you don’t end up wasting your budget on keywords that aren’t converting.

To tell Google which keywords you don’t want to show up for, go to your shopping campaign, click on ‘keywords’ then click on ‘search terms.’ Once there, you’ll find information about terms that have a higher cost or a super low CTR (Click through Rate), as well as those with a low conversion rate and/or a high CPA (Cost per Acquisition). In doing this, you end up spending less money on clicks that aren’t targeted and converting, and more on terms that are.

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3. Adjust mobile and desktop bids

Next, it’s time to look at mobile and desktop bidding. Chances are you’re paying the same per click for mobile and desktop devices, though one of those devices will almost certainly have a higher conversion rate. For instance, you might find you have a higher conversion rate on desktop vs. mobile.

If this is the case, make sure you pay less per click on those devices that convert lower, so that more of your budget goes towards devices that have a higher conversion rate. Again, select ‘Settings’ then ‘Devices’ to adjust your bids per device accordingly.

4. Create search campaigns for converting shopping terms

One final way to generate better profits from your PPC campaigns is to create search campaigns for those terms that are converting in your shopping campaign. You’ll be getting plenty of clicks and conversions from your shopping campaigns, and as such you’ll soon discover which terms work the best and also faster than if you tried to set up a search campaign alone.

To do this, allow your shopping campaign to run for a few weeks or months, then click into the search terms report again. Once here, sort your report by conversion rate and set up your search campaign ads for the terms that are already converting. This makes it easier to build profitable search campaigns for your products whilst running regular shopping ads.

Closing thoughts

AdWords is a bit more complex than it looks, but absolutely worth the time, effort and money. When you do your research and find clever ways to optimise your campaigns, you’ll soon find yourself running successful, profitable PPC campaigns.

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