Using Artificial Intelligence in the Hospitality Industry

These 3 steps show just how beneficial artificial intelligence can be when used in the hospitality industry…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2018-10-17 07:14:00

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Computer technology is evolving at a rapid rate, and at the same time, artificial intelligence is becoming more and more reliable, particularly within the world of business.

Artificial Intelligence involves using computers or machines to carry out tasks – such as automation and big data – where it was traditionally believed only human beings could perform such functions. Companies within the hospitality sector are increasingly using AI to perform a huge range of tasks, from basic customer service to advanced problem solving, which are particularly important within hotels and resorts.

What’s so important about artificial intelligence in the hospitality industry?

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising the hospitality industry because of its ability to perform traditionally human activities at any time of day or night. The implications of this on hotels are enormous: first of all, hotel owners can save huge amounts of money. Further, human error is eliminated while hotels are able to deliver a consistently superior level of service.

Customer service has always been essential to the travel industry, with hotels either thriving or failing as a result of how they treat their customers. Artificial intelligence provides almost endless opportunities to improve so many aspects of the customer service experience, from increased personalisation to tailor-made recommendations. AI can also respond quickly to customer questions and deal with tasks such as data collection and analysis, enabling it to learn and adapt to customer interactions.

Read on to discover exactly how to use artificial intelligence within the hospitality industry…

1. In-person customer service

One example of the use of artificial intelligence within the hospitality sector is the use of artificially-intelligent robots to deliver customer service. Although this is in its infancy, there are already plenty of hotels adopting AI robots, such as ‘Connie,’ the Hilton Hotel’s very own concierge. By interacting with the robot customers can ask questions such as hotel amenities, services and hours of operation.

2. Chatbots and messaging

Another superb way to use AI within the hospitality sector is for front-facing customer serve, such as direct messaging and online chat services. AI chatbots can be used on social media platforms to answer questions around-the-clock. This is critical to hotels as it provides immediate response times which are not always possible with human-to-human interaction.

3. Data Analysis

AI is also fantastic within the hospitality sector in that it can be used to analyse data by quickly sorting through large amounts of data and developing important conclusions about current or potential customers.

The Dorchester Collection hotel chain is one example of a hotel that has used AI data analysis to sort through data collected via online reviews and surveys (etc.) the AI then analyses the information to draw conclusions about overall performance.

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