Top Free Online Marketing Tools to Gain Publicity & Boost Sales

There are plenty of free online marketing tools available to help you promote your business and improve sales. Read on to learn more!


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-02-13 08:00:00

There are numerous ways to promote your business, but many of the available techniques are costly, which is not ideal for a small or start-up business. There are, however, plenty of free online marketing tools available that will help you to promote your business and gain free publicity.

1.       Your Company’s Blog

A top way to gain free publicity to your website is through your company’s blog. By writing interesting, insightful articles that your readers can relate to, you will attract plenty of followers to your website and gain a bigger audience following.

Blogging through your company website is an excellent long-term publicity strategy that will pay off over time as your audience increases in size. As you attract a bigger following you will be able to gauge which area of your blog generates the most interest, which will give you perfect ammunition for future posts.

2.       Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity endorsements are a fantastic way to increase the appeal of your website and business, and there are ways to do this for free. Websites such as Contact Any Celebrity offer a free seven-day trial that gives you access to thousands of celebrities or their agents. Many celebrities participate in free ‘gift programmes’ as well, where you send them a product and in return they review that product or use it in public. This is excellent publicity for your business and an ideal marketing tool.

3.       Online Directories

People rarely resort to the Yellow Pages nowadays. Instead, it’s far more likely to resort to an online directory for information about a company or service. Listing your company in a number of online directories is an excellent online marketing strategy since most people today perform searches on Google for answers. Make sure you use the right keywords when listing your company so that your business shows up in people’s search results.

4.       Ezine Articles

EzineArticles is a free online resource enabling you to submit high-quality blog posts to the Ezine website. Many businesses and individuals use Ezine to find fresh content, and countless businesses link to articles on Ezine through their own articles or newsletters.

When writing articles for Ezine, be sure to include a link to your website so that readers can be directed to your company website. This is a quick and easy online marketing tool that is also free of charge to use.

Summing Up

To summarise, there are plenty of free online marketing tools available that enable you to endorse your business with ease. Take advantage of the numerous tools available to you to attract more traffic to your site and improve your sales. 

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