Simple Offline and Online Marketing Solutions Guaranteed to Make a Difference

Looking for simple offline and online marketing solutions guaranteed to help you stand out from the crowd? Here we bring you our top 6 options!


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-04-10 10:21:00

Standing out from the crowd, whether offline or online, has become somewhat difficult in today’s competitive arena, no thanks to the endless streams of competition out there. However, there are plenty of simple ways to succeed with your offline and online marketing, many of which are incredibly effective:

Optimise your Website

Google is the most popular and highly-used website out there, which is why it’s essential that you leverage it through effective SEO solutions and strategies. First page of Google doesn't necessarily happen overnight and it can take time to build up your search engine optimisation success, however by hiring a professional digital marketing agency your chances of achieving consistent SEO results will be amplified.

Run a business blog

If you haven’t yet done so, it’s definitely worthwhile setting up a high-quality business blog featuring interesting, well-written content. When correctly executed, business blogs generate a large amount of monthly traffic, which converts into leads for your sales department to follow up on, which ultimately turns into paying customers. See here for our guide on how long a blog post should be.

Comment on Blogs

There are countless popular blogs out there related to your industry of operation. Find some of the most popular blogs related to your business and leave interesting and insightful comments that will spark an interest in readers. Include a link to your website at the end of every comment and ensure that your comment is tailored in a way that it will interest readers to take action. Also, consider guest blogging. Guest blogging possesses countless benefits including links back to your website and greater exposure to a wider audience.

Attending conferences

Attending – and of course speaking at conferences, is an excellent way to spread the word about your brand and your business and gain a brand new audience following. Speaking at conferences immediately positions you as an industry leader, which will inspire audiences to take action by learning more about your business and even becoming clients.

Create Podcasts

One of the easiest ways to build a loyal following is to record regular podcasts that offer valuable information to audiences. In today’s fast-paced world where people are often stretched for time, turning written content into audio content is one of the easiest and fastest ways to keep your fans informed – and it’s so easy to do!

Offer Amazing Customer Support

Finally, it’s imperative that you focus on the needs of your customers by offering top customer support. Top customer support has been proven to attract people back to your business, encourage positive word of mouth about your brand and generate consistent profits (see here for 5 ways to make your customers happy). Research has found that businesses with a strong a customer support ethic and a positive corporate culture have a larger and more loyal client base – isn’t that what every business wants?

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