The Power of Images in Online Marketing

Images now play a hugely powerful role in your online marketing strategy. Read on to find out more about the power of images in marketing.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-05-09 09:33:00

Images have a powerful impact on the way people interact with the internet. A blog post or article peppered with images is far more likely to gain a positive response than one that’s a full block of text; likewise, a web design that’s’ visually engaging is going to have a much more positive impact on consumers than one that’s filled with text.

In this respect, it’s very important that your online marketing strategy incorporates images very heavily. This is because, in our fast-paced era where information is available at our fingertips, most people no longer have the time (or attention span) to sit and read a text-heavy website or article.

Today’s approach to online marketing therefore needs to think very carefully about the aesthetic appeal of a web design, article or blog post.

Social Media Influencing this Change

Social media is largely responsible for this shift towards the visual. Social media platforms that emphasise the visual include Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. These platforms entrance users with powerful, striking images, usually with a short piece of text accompanying the images.

Despite the prevalence of image-centric social media platforms, it is only in recent times that more and more businesses have realised the power of images within their online marketing strategy.

Images have the ability to influence the amount of time a reader stays put on a website for. They draw the reader in, navigating them through an article or blog post with ease. This in turn influences them to take action, whether by signing up for email newsletters or making a purchase.

Parallax Scrolling: A Unique Web Design

Likewise with a visually engaging web design: many of today’s web designers are now using parallax scrolling to enchant viewers and keep them engaged for longer.

With so much competition across the internet, it has never been more essential to maintain user interest for as long as possible. With parallax scrolling, web designers can keep visitors engaged for so much longer, enthralling them with smart techniques. Take the captivating example of FMR Bar, which takes you on a journey from the moment you enter the site to the moment you reach the striking map at the bottom of the site.

Online Marketing: The Power of Images

Companies are placing an even heavier emphasis on the visual within their online marketing strategies, using bold visuals across their advertisements, websites and articles to capture the interest of consumers for longer.  

Don’t ignore the power of the visual when devising your next online marketing strategy, otherwise you run the risk of eliminating a huge target market. Although text still plays a very important role, it’s the images that have a strong influence on how people interact with a website.

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