How to get ahead of evolving customer needs

The customer is always right, but with technology evolving so fast, are you successfully meeting customer demands? Read on to find out…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-07-10 09:56:00

Thanks to rapid changes in technology, the world of customer service is changing significantly. Consumers expect results at the click of a button, and if they don’t get those results they will be quick to share their disappointment with the world via social media.

In today’s fast-paced world, customer service is expected to be quick to respond and easy to access – at all hours of the day. And if customer service is second-to-none then research shows that this has a positive impact on brand loyalty, with results suggesting that 50% of consumers no longer want anything to do with a brand if their customer service experience with it is poor.

With all of this in mind, here we bring you 3 effective behaviours that will enable you to get ahead of evolving customer needs...

Accessibility from multiple channels

Since all ages and generations are now using technology, it’s essential that your customer support team is available via multiple channels, such as telephone, email, Skype, live chat, Twitter, Facebook and more. It’s no longer an option to be available via telephone and think that’s enough; today’s consumers expect to get in touch with your brand via their preferred means, and have close to immediate contact with a member of your team.

Rapid response

Further to the above, it’s also important that your customers get their issue resolved within a short period of time. Time is of the essence and if a customer is made to wait for too long before their issue is resolved then you run the risk of angering that customer and potentially losing them in future. To avoid this from happening, be sure to have a fully trained customer support team on hand to effectively and professionally deal with any issues raised by customers, as and when they occur.

Make it your priority to fix the problem

Traditionally, personalisation was considered extremely important when it came to dealing with customer issues. However your priority as a business is to deal with the issue at hand using the following behaviours:

1. Acknowledge the issue

2. Offer thoughtful advice

3. Provide a timeline with specific steps detailing how the issue will be solved

4. Explain the solution and take the time to answer questions

As mentioned above, a customer’s issue should be resolved during the first interaction. Although personalisation is of importance to an extent, what’s more important is that a solution is reached.

Invest in your team

As technology continues to evolve it remains essential that your team is able to appropriately and successfully tackle issues quickly and seamlessly using such technology. When you invest in proper training and technology, your team will be empowered to find appropriate solutions for your customers without taking too long. This in turn enables them to move on to the next customer faster than ever before, which reflects positively on your brand and contributes towards positive brand perception.

Are you doing everything in your power to get ahead of evolving customer needs?

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