Content Marketing Hacks to Help you Develop Great Content

It can be easy to feel uninspired when creating blog posts on a regular basis. Use this guide for some great ideas that will help you to develop consistently great content.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-02-18 08:10:00

Content marketing has become an important part of a business’ online marketing strategy, as it enables a business to organically attract the right target market and persuade those readers to make a purchase. But in order to be effective content marketing needs to be carried out properly, and this involves a great deal of hard work and research.

This article provides top tips and tricks to help you develop great content, time and time again:

Form a Content Marketing Team

First of all, it’s essential that you have a good content writer or team of writers who are creative, passionate and able to create consistently great content. Such individuals need the time and resources available to perform their research and write content that will continually inspire and interest readers. This team should also hold regular brainstorming sessions to keep the ideas flowing.

Ideas File

Next, you should create an Ideas File that you can access when inspiration is low. You and your team should fill this file with interesting ideas, and add to this file on a regular basis so that it is always brimming with fresh content inspiration. 

Turn to your Clients for Inspiration

During the sales process you will undoubtedly be asked countless questions by your clients. These questions make excellent resources for future blog posts, so be sure to make a written note of them or stick them in your Ideas File.

Providing content that answers your clients’ questions encourages them to visit your company website which turns them into leads, better nurtures them in your sales process, shortens your sales cycle and creates happier customers.

Conduct Interviews

If you have a wide client-base, why not leverage those clients by interviewing them as if you were interviewing them for a news story or magazine piece? This is a great way to develop your next article and brings in real-life experiences, which is a very popular way to appeal to your readers.

Use Google Alerts

With Google Alerts, you can track news, blogs and other content that is relevant to the industry you operate in. By combining Google Alerts with a platform such as Evernote or Storify, you can drop those news stories and blogs onto the platform and refer back to them at a later date. This guarantees that you won’t forget about that interesting post or news story you read about earlier in the day.

Use an Editorial Calendar

Finally, if you are creating a lot of content on a regular basis, it can be easy to get bogged down with planning and creating content. If you use an editorial calendar you will be and less stressed more organised as you can plan your content marketing posts in advance and view them all from one location. 

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