4 Ways to Use Instagram for Business

As a business you should not ignore Instagram’s power in helping you to reach your target audience in a personal, intimate & influential way.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-07-07 09:41:00

Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform with a huge international following of more than 300 million people. What started out as a platform for individuals to express themselves via images has since evolved into a place where businesses can also use the platform to upload images and videos and interact with their target audience in a personal, intimate way.

Read on to discover how businesses should use Instagram if they want to gain the most out of this platform:

1. Focus on originality

It can be easy to quickly take a photo and upload it onto Instagram, but Instagram is all about quality, so take the time to snap a high-quality image that’s original, intriguing and fun. For instance, if you operate a shoe store then your Instagram shots should include your range of footwear on offer. Choose the background wisely so as not to draw attention away from the focal point of the image, then if you want to improve the quality of your image and adjust the focus.

2. Avoid over-promoting

It can be tempting to upload shot after shot of your products, but this will be perceived as overzealous promoting that will quickly put your following off. Instead, get creative with your images by incorporating quotes, behind-the-scenes shots at work, images of customers and shots of events attended. Really mix things up to provide an in-depth insight into your business and your brand.

3. Upload wisely

It can be tempting to post frequently throughout the day but this can lead to brand apathy, which could cause your followers to stop following you. Instead, focus on the quality of each image and limit posting to between once and three times per day to maintain your brand’s appeal. As your brand gradually grows its following, you can begin to increase the amount of times you post each day.

4. Interact with your audience

Every social media account you operate needs to focus on interacting with your audience in order to strengthen the relationship between your audience and your brand. If someone asks a question, take the time to respond to that question. Likewise, if someone reposts your image, be sure to thank them for that. As your account grows in popularity you may find it difficult to respond to everybody, but even the occasional comment reflects positively on your and really helps to build brand loyalty.

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