3 Ways to Find the Right Keywords for your Business

Feeling a bit stuck when it comes to keyword research? Fear not, we’ve got 3 steps you need to take to find the right keywords and get your business back on track.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2018-09-12 06:48:00

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There are thousands of search terms that people could be using to find your business, so how do you know which ones are the most important? Or which ones you should be writing for?

Here we present you with 3 ways to help you to become more adept at finding the right keywords for your business:

1. Brainstorm

With so many options to choose from, it’ll come as no surprise that you’re feeling overwhelmed in the beginning.

The first thing to think about is your searcher’s intent. What problem do people have that could be solved by using your service or purchasing your product? Make a list of these factors and write down ways that people might search for a solution.

Also ask yourself what stage of the buying journey searchers are at. There are 3 stages to the buying journey: awareness, consideration and decision. Depending on which stage they are at, they will have unique queries for each stage.

2. Use Google to make keyword predictions

Type in your proposed search terms and scroll down to the bottom of the search engine results page to see “searches related to.” Each time you do this, copy the eight suggested searches and create a spreadsheet that you can paste them into.

Google search is also a fantastic resource. Once you begin to type your query in the search bar, see what the search engine guesses you are trying to search for. These are popular phrases that others have searched for, and provide a great platform for further ideas. Copy these terms into your spreadsheet, and share this with your co-workers so that you can all use it as a keyword guide.

3. Confirm your findings

Those who pay for online advertising via Google AdWords can use the handy tool, Keyword Planner. Use the tool to enter phrases from your spreadsheet and wait for a huge selection of suggested search terms. Yes, you will be presented with a LOT of suggestions; just sort them by Keyword Volume to show the phrases in order of most searched for per month.

Also, select the phrases that seem most relevant to your business and have a search volume greater than 500. Make sure that traffic isn’t too low for your selected terms, or competition too high, as this will justify your time. It’s best to stick to low and medium level competition first until you’ve mastered them, before moving onto high competition phrases.

Closing thoughts

All of the terms found within your search should be added to your spreadsheet to use within future marketing campaigns! This handy document that you’ve compiled can be used by everyone in the company to ensure you all stick to your keyword targets going forward and achieve heightened digital success!

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