3 Secrets to Attracting More Traffic To Your Website

Attracting traffic to your website is essential in increasing business. What are the 3 secrets to attracting more traffic to your website? Read on to find out…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2017-07-05 08:01:00

A beautifully designed website is the first step towards attracting more traffic to your website. Without an exquisite, carefully crafted web design that’s interesting, relevant and easy to browse through, you stand little to no chance of attracting a decent amount of traffic to your website.

So what are the other secrets to attracting more traffic to your website? Read on to find out…


The first most crucial factor is to be completely SEO-optimised, whether on a local or international level. This is because, when people are performing a search on the internet for goods or services that you offer, your website needs to show up when they perform a relevant search. For this reason, it’s critical that your website is easy to find in search engine searches.

Fully responsive

Ten years ago, hardly anyone was browsing the internet from a mobile phone, and if they were, the process was slower and there were far fewer websites that were mobile optimised.

Today, the landscape is very different as the vast majority of internet users are now browsing the internet from their mobile phones. The competition is much greater when it comes to attracting people to your website and maintaining their interest for a reasonable amount of time. As such, it’s fundamental that your website is fully responsive from a mobile device.

This means that it automatically scales to size when opened from a mobile and is very easy to navigate through. Information is easy to find and access, everything is clearly laid out and there is no confusion whatsoever throughout the browsing experience.

Fast loading speed

If your website is too slow to load, it runs the risk of being closed before you even had a chance to shine. There are a number of ways to improve the loading speed of your website. First of all, avoid having large files (e.g. video, images and flash), as these have a serious impact on the loading speed of your site. Next, clean up the mess, whether by deleting unnecessary pages or removing old images that no longer serve a purpose.

Finally, avoid installing too many plugins as these can seriously slow down your website’s loading speed. Once users are on your website, they want the smoothest browsing experience possible; otherwise they may exit your site at the last minute, even at the checkout.

Adopting the 3 tips mentioned above is crucial if you want to attract more traffic to your website, raise awareness of your business and boost sales.

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