3 Manipulative Link Building Techniques that Do Not Work

Manipulative link building is used by many businesses, but ultimately it gets detected by Google. Read on for 3 link building techniques you need to avoid.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-02-03 07:50:00

Link building is a very important SEO strategy that needs to be done correctly in order to be effective. Many businesses resort to unethical link building strategies in an attempt to boost their SEO results and attract more traffic to their site, but ultimately, this activity is detected by search engines and leads to poor rankings as a result.

Some examples of poor link building strategies that you need to avoid include:

Link Farms

A link farm is a set of web pages set up specifically to link to a target page. The purpose of link farming is to improve a page’s SEO ranking, but this is a corrupt, unethical and inorganic way to boost SEO results. Link farming is a way to falsely boost relevance to your site to point traffic back to your site. A group of websites are set up specifically to point straight to your site, but search engines are incredibly efficient at detecting link farming and this will very quickly result in a poor ranking or even a blacklisting from Google.

Paid Links

Some businesses and individuals pay money to have their links featured on websites that have a high page rank. The majority of the time, it is clear to Google and other search engines that this activity has been paid for. In addition, Google has gone to great lengths to limit paid linking activity. That being said, many businesses continue to engage in paid linking.    

Forum Spam

This involves posting on internet forums with irrelevant, unrelated adverts linking back to a site. Forum spam is frustrating for forum users and also adds unnecessary workload to forum administrators. But if you are found and detected, your site could become blacklisted as a result.

Closing Thoughts 

Manipulative link building techniques are not only unethical but they are also really difficult to maintain. Link farming, for instance, takes time and energy and it is important to remember that the search engines of today are incredibly smart and advanced and will soon detect such activity. As such, resorting to genuine, ethical and honest link building solutions is far more advantageous to your website in both the short and long-term, and will also gain you more positive search engine rankings. 

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