2018: 5 Tech Trends to Take Note of in Content Marketing

Content marketing has evolved so much over the years! Here are 5 content marketing tech trends we believe will influence 2018 and beyond…


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2018-04-11 09:09:00

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While traditional content marketing involved putting pen to paper to create a written article, today, content comes in all shapes, types and sizes.

Content marketing is incredibly powerful which is why according to CMI/Marketing Profs 2017, 89% of B2B marketers are now implementing a content marketing strategy; and it’s not just B2B who are adopting such practices. Even law firms are realising the power of content marketing and are making the most of this form of marketing to improve their business.

The challenge now is to stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the game in a very over-saturated marketplace.

With that in mind, here we bring you our top 5 tech trends that you need to take note of in 2018:

1. Multimedia content is king

The days of creating a simple blog post are long behind us. With online video now more mainstream than ever, brands cannot afford to ignore its power. Podcasts are also extremely popular, so for 2018 and beyond, content teams will need to possess the following key skills:

Video production and editing

Graphic design and illustration

Audio production

2. It’s no longer exclusively about the screen

Virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri are invading homes across the globe and turning devices into content channels, thus presenting a whole new way of delivering content.

Brands such as the American Heart Association are using Amazon’s Alexa Skill platform to share expert demonstrations, such as talking us through the process of performing CPR via Alexa. The implications of this for businesses are of course immense and should not be ignored.

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3. The sheer volume of content will continue to rise

It’s vital to produce original and compelling content, and it’s no surprise why. With 3.8 billion global internet users, 2.8 billion global active social media users and 4.9 billion global mobile users, people are consuming content at an unbelievable rate. These statistics can only continue to rise.

4. Mobile-only

Forget mobile-first; it’s more like mobile-only! Desktop use will gradually dwindle in popularity as digital media engagement on mobile phones is set to rise to 79% by the end of this year. As such, a mobile-friendly website is EVERYTHING.

5. Live Video is big business

Live video is also hugely popular, with users spending three times longer watching live versus non-live videos. With 80% of live audiences preferring live video over reading a blog post, and 87% of audiences craving behind-the-scenes content, there’s huge potential for your brand here – so what are you waiting for?

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