Web Development

Mobile Application Development.

The installation of proper applications will have a major impact on the prosperity of your business. At 8 Ways Media, our track record for exceptional digital applications speaks for itself. We love taking your ideas and developing them into customized, fully branded applications, whether for the web, mobile, desktops, or all three!

Web Application

Web Application.

Why is the web application so important? How can develop the web application you need and ensure its effectiveness?

As Geneva’s leading web experts, we specialize in sophisticated web applications that are fully supported by our experienced IT technicians. These apps, located in your online environment, are of great use to help you to know your customers better, to stay constantly connected and to have a continuous, flourishing online presence.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application.

Why create a mobile application? How can you manage it? Can you reinforce your clientele using your smartphone?

We live in a constantly connected world and your brand needs to be accessible to all and at all times. An app for all types of smartphones offers infinite possibilities. The visibility of your brand will be significantly increased, you will gain an unrivaled proximity to your customers and it will make life easier for your users. 8 Ways and its specialized team will develop an app completely tailored to your business. Using the latest technology, our goal is to help anchor your business and skyrocket it into the digital world.

Desktop Application

Desktop Application.

Will a desktop application increase productivity? Is it easily accessible to my employees? Does it create a fluid communication throughout the company?

Over the years, 8 Ways Media has acquired immense experience in the development of applications. Our high-end desktop solutions are developed through RDA (Rich Desktop Applications) radically influencing internal communication in your company. These applications, specific to your company, are ideal in particular for your commercial departments in order to set goals, achieve them, and even to exceed them! Their aim is to optimize the interconnection of networks, to effectively reduce operational costs, to better organize offline capabilities and to improve solutions related to the success of your business.

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