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E-Reputation Management.

E-reputation is an area that concerns all businesses, from B2Bs to large institutions and corporations. At 8 Ways Media we take your reputation very seriously and we strive to avoid inconvenience to your brand image. In our highly digital era, it has never been more important to safeguard your online dignity and maintain a consistently positive online reputation.



Is e-reputation an Achilles heel for businesses? Why should you be concerned about your e-reputation?

E-reputation endeavours to protect and maintain the reputability of your online status. In an age where digital privacy is becoming an increasingly significant topic of conversation, e-reputation is becoming a growing area of importance for individuals and businesses alike. It involves establishing, maintaining and monitoring all information that is publicly available online about yourself or your business, as well as repairing any negative comments or information that have been published online.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management.

How can you preserve your online dignity and protect your online reputation?

It has never been easier to post negative comments online anonymously, therefore it has become absolutely necessary to adopt measures to protect individuals and businesses from any negative comments, which can be found across the Internet including on blogs, forums, websites and social media platforms. We take control over content relating to your business or association by speaking up on behalf of your business. To achieve this, we correspond with influential voices including journalists, well-known bloggers and experts, to ensure that their message about your business remains positive.

Positive Perception

Positive Perception.

How important is e-reputation for professionals and businesses? How can you optimize your e-reputation and social media presence?

It is essential to protect your brand and maintain your reputation in the digital stratosphere. We perform thorough audits to provide you with a clear picture of your e-reputation and identify and overcome any issues. Our team of experts in community management will carefully and wisely position you, without risking any damage to your business. Our goal is to positively shape public perception of your organization by influencing online information about it through social media monitoring, carefully crafted search queries and public relations campaigns.

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