SSL Encryption.

In our 2.0 era, we must be vigilant towards security. Hackers are becoming more frequent and manage to infiltrate our most personal data. To secure all of your data, we have established an outstanding method to allow you to work with absolute peace of mind.

Encryption for Everyone

Encryption for Everyone.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or TLS (Transport Layer Security) are encryption protocols that fully guarantee the security of communications for all exchanged mails and exchanges of data. These systems are widely used to ensure secure online communication and allow you to communicate without a third party tampering with or altering the content of your messages. We use this technology to protect your information during your exchanges. Our password protection ensures the confidentiality of your data, and SSL simply helps to protect it to the highest security levels.

Secure Connections

Secure Connections.

Note that "http" is vulnerable to attacks by malicious individuals or organizations trying to access any kind of personal information such as banking and login information. Ensuring that such information is sent through the "https" protocol ensures that it will be encrypted and protected. Our mission at 8 Ways is to make sure you are 100% safe. Using the SSL security system allows you to communicate with confidence through your website, emails, intranet and other platforms.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind.

Our agency advises you to use the SSL protocol to ensure the security of your critical data, including online banking transactions, connections, exchanges of confidential information, applications, web mail (Outlook Web Access, Exchange and Office Communications Server), Cloud applications and Cloud platforms, connections between a client mail (Microsoft Outlook) and a mail server (Microsoft Exchange), file transfer services through "https" in the case of website updating, hosting activities, and your intranet website.

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