Why it’s Vital to use Customer Personas

If you've had any experience in marketing over the past few years, you've likely encountered the phrase ‘buyer persona.’ Here we outline exactly what a buyer persona is, and why you should use one.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2022-06-27 08:42:00

What Is a Buyer Persona?

The buyer's persona can be described as a research-based profile of a potential customer. Buyer personas outline the ideal customers for you, including who they are, what their lives are like, the difficulties they face and the way they make decisions.

It's normal to have several buyer personas in a company, such as, for instance, if the purchaser of your product has to get other people's approval before purchasing and each person who is affected by the decision is a distinct persona. They'll have different criteria to use when evaluating products, so you'll require different strategies to meet the needs of each.

Buyer personas can be referred to as marketing or customer personas (or profiles). Whichever term you prefer to use, the intent remains the same.

Buyer personas assist businesses in better understanding their customers, thus enabling them to be more effective in serving them.

Why Are Buyer Personas Important?

Personas for buyers assist in ensuring that every activity related to acquiring and assisting your customers is custom-made to the specific needs of your buyer.

This may sound like a simple task; however, it's not as easy as it appears.

If you take the time to look at the way that companies present themselves, you'll start to realise that most of them begin discussing what they do and not what their customers need.

They are at odds with the way that people make their decisions.

When choosing an item or service, consumers naturally prefer companies they trust and know. The best method to establish trust is to demonstrate sincere understanding and care for the person you are dealing with – in this instance, the case of your customers.

Building trust in your company requires a subtle yet significant change in how you portray your business.

First of all, demonstrate to your prospective clients that you value them by meeting their needs or desires. Only then will they be interested in looking into what you can provide.

Making buyer personas and then using them will help guide your business and help you stay focused on your clients' requirements.

How Are Buyer Personas Used?

Creating the buyer's persona is interesting in and of itself.

To create a persona, you must first be able to ask yourself questions in-depth about your ideal clients, and this alone can allow you to notice things that you didn't know about before.

From here, you will then be able to analyse you answers against your colleagues' responses – to identify any contradictions regarding your opinions and help to initiate discussions to solve them.

One of the primary benefits of establishing a buyer's persona is that it can help you gain insights into your customers while you create cross-departmental alignment. This ensures that sales, marketing, customer service, and product development share the same vision of the ideal customer.

You can then apply your personas accordingly to guide you in the right direction.

For example:

Product development can use buyer personas to create the roadmap for products. Personas will help identify and prioritise changes you can make to your product according to what your clients want most.

Marketing can utilise buyer personas to create efficient tactics. Personas are crucial. They assist in focusing search efforts on keywords and are utilised to guide content writing. They also aid in the selection and prioritisation of promotional efforts.

Buyer personas will be a great way to aid your sales team in developing connections with potential customers. Your sales staff will become more efficient by knowing what the potential customer is facing and being prepared to answer their questions.

Should Very Small Businesses Bother Building Personas?

When you're an entrepreneur or have a small-sized company, you may be wondering why you need to bother. Since you already know your target audience, wouldn't developing a buyer persona be a waste of your time?

The short answer is no, it wouldn’t. if you’re seeking to refine your clientele and appeal to their exact needs, it’s always helpful to define exactly what you're looking for.

How Do I Create a Buyer Persona?

Personas for buyers should be an amalgamation of internal and external research.

As previously mentioned, some companies require multiple personas representing different kinds of customers. However, you don't need to create all of them in one go – it's okay to begin with a small sample and allow your personas to change as time passes.

Select a customer you want to target and build a persona on what you know, and then develop a strategy to expand it using further investigation, including asking comprehensive questions.


Buyer personas are profiles based on research that define your ideal customer and allow you to adapt the key elements of your sales and customer service to increase your success. Understanding the kinds of people who can benefit from your products and the problems you assist solve is crucial in your efforts to draw and keep customers.

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