Why Good Content Marketing is not Enough

Creating ‘good’ content is no longer enough to boost your SEO results. Read on for our top tips to create consistently exceptional content.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-07-29 10:04:00

Creating ‘good’ content is no longer enough to boost your SEO results and gain you a strong audience. Good content is no longer the bar entry for ranking in search engine results page; today, it is much more than this.

Good content is the most basic level you can reach when it comes to content marketing. Good content is content that most users find useful; it solves the most basic problems, is useful enough and answers your queries in a unique and interesting manner.

However, the problem with good content is that most websites are able to achieve this. You therefore need to take things a few steps further in order to compete for the space!

The biggest and most important step you can take is getting your content to truly stand out from the crowd and shine above the competition. This type of content is simply the best content out there, giving you a much stronger opportunity to rank highly and reach the first page of the search engine results pages.

Why is good content no longer good enough?

Many aspects have changed over the years, making good content no longer good enough.

First of all, user experience has become a strong indicator of the quality of a page. People expect the highest quality experience when visiting a website – no matter where they are and how good their internet connection is.

Websites such as Facebook have pushed the bar incredibly high, delivering consistently exceptional results. This means that user expectations are now through the roof; people expect their internet-browsing results to be of a consistently high quality, otherwise they are disappointed. If they do not get this level of quality then they simply click away.

Thanks to the rise of content marketing there is also much more competition. Countless individuals and businesses trying to reach a higher and higher level are resorting to increasingly creative measures to remain appealing.

How can you create the highest quality content?

Highest-quality content comes down to a range of factors, including the user experience provided. If the overall user experience is of the highest standards, you stand a far better chance of ranking highly.

Consider aspects such as:

·         Page load speed

·         User-friendliness layout

·         Quality of the design

·         Steps required by the user to acquire the information they need

·         The level of detail in the information provided 

·         Use of visuals

·         Quality of writing

·         Questions asked

·         Sources used

·         Breadth of information provided

·         What’s missing?

Assessing the above factors enables you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your content and compare yourself between you and your competitors. Once you are certain that all of the above factors are accounted for, only then can you expect to stand a genuine chance at ranking well.

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