What Game of Thrones can Teach us About Content Marketing

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? Read on to find out how we can gain inspiration from some of the hit show’s most popular characters.


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2015-04-30 07:30:00

Game of Thrones is a non-stop power struggle where various noble houses compete for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms. The hit show, set on the two fictional continents of Westeros and Essos, has gained a tremendous international following thanks to its clever storylines, beautiful locations and witty dialogue.

Many of the characters from Game of Thrones can teach us a great deal about content marketing. Read on to find out more…

The Lannisters

The Lannister’s are famous for their ability to openly express their opinions (with little concern for the consequences). Tyrion is a classic example, where we’ve seen him slap King Joffrey (twice) in the face and deliver a passionate, powerful speech at his trial. He’s always willing to get his point across in the most articulate and concise manner and is never afraid to voice his opinions.

The same should hold true for your content marketing. It should be robust, engaging and passionate. It should be articulate yet concise, without veering off point or risking being boring. It should also have a consistent voice that is used across all content, including blogs, web pages and social media. Current and potential clients thrive on consistency and feel greater loyalty towards a brand that is consistent in everything that it does.

The Starks

The Stark family have been through a great deal. From Eddard Stark losing his head to Catelyn and Robb being slaughtered at the Red Wedding, this family have had their fair share of tribulations. Despite that, those that are fortunate enough to be alive continue to persevere, including Arya Stark, who has had to survive many tough experiences, yet remains strong-willed and resourceful. 

Content marketing is here to stay and as such you need to persevere, even through the toughest of situations. Producing consistently high-quality content on a regular basis can be challenging – particularly when you’ve run out of ideas or experience writers’ block. By planning ahead and remaining organised, level-headed and persistent, you will remain a key player in the pervasive content marketing battlefield.

The Tyrells

Margaery Tyrell is poised, calm and incredibly calculated. Despite the chaos and unpredictability that surrounds her, she still sets her mind on a long-term goal, enabling her to remain focused and assured even through the wildest of storms.

Yes, the content marketing stratosphere is an unpredictable and often chaotic one, but if you are able to focus on bringing value to your readers time and time again, you will boost brand loyalty and draw in new customers. 

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