What Domino’s Pizza can Teach us about Being a Business Leader

Read on to discover how Domino’s Pizza rebranded itself and what it can teach us about being a strong leader


Ramzi Chamat / 8 Ways Media
2016-02-25 07:39:00


Domino’s Pizza is an American pizza chain with a huge international base across more than 65 countries. Founded in 1960, the company rapidly experienced outstanding local and international growth, and is today the second largest pizza chain in the USA after Pizza Hut.

Although Domino’s is a highly successful pizza chain, the brand has had its fair share of failures along the way. In 2010, the company released a video admitting that its product was of a poor quality after receiving numerous complaints and poor reviews. This was a bold statement for a brand to openly acknowledge the poor quality of its own product offering, but also a very clever move that enabled the company to quickly turn its brand around and come out bigger and better than ever before.

Read on to discover how Domino’s Pizza rebranded itself and what it can teach us about being a strong leader:

1.       Listen to your customers

In 2010, Domino’s Pizza discovered the disappointing truth about its food. After many years of receiving complaints, Domino’s finally decided that the time had come to really listen to its customers and determine what the problem was. Through market research and social media, it was revealed that Domino’s customers were not happy at all with the quality of their pizzas.

Many brands will simply ignore client feedback or hide behind emails that go nowhere, but Domino’s made a concerted effort to really listen to their customers. As a brand, you too can make your customers feel valued by reaching out to them and really listening to what they have to say, even if you felt offended by it.

2.       Respond to your customers

Realising it was time to make some major changes Domino’s created a brand new recipe, changing everything from the crust to the sauce and the cheese. This brand new recipe listened carefully to complaints made by customers, focusing wholeheartedly on quality and flavour.

Domino’s Pizza also invited consumers to try its new pizza and tweet about it. Every tweet received was going to be posted on their website, no matter what. Many people considered this corporate suicide, however it was immensely successful and the brand set new records, boosting sales by 14% in a single quarter.

3.       Take a risk

Domino’s Pizza clearly took a risk in admitting to the world that its pizza was poor, but this shock-factor technique worked wonders for the brand. Be willing to face your fears head on, take risks and go the extra mile in order for your brand to come out bigger, stronger and more popular than ever.

4.       Be transparent

Finally, the unique marketing approach adopted by Domino’s Pizza was open, transparent and honest. By acting honestly and being true to itself, Domino’s came out the winning brand.

Your goal as a brand is to be true to yourself, true to your employees and true to your customers. To stay ahead of the competition and maintain brand loyalty, you need to take a leaf out of Domino’s book by remaining active on social media, staying constantly in touch with your customers and always responding to their needs by listening carefully and making changes to your products or services where necessary.

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